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SN0TROJA ze skansenu Archeologicznego - Karpacka Troja

21 – 28 października 2012 – SNØTROJA – Skansen Archeologiczny Karpacka Troja. Stacja terenowa zlokalizowana na terenie skansenu w miejscowości Trzcinica k. Jasła. Bardzo ciekawe miejsce zarówno dla dzieci, młodzieży jak i dorosłych. Dla kolegów zainteresowanych tym szczególnym miejscem historycznym odsyłam do stron internetu.: http://www.karpackatroja.pl. Praca stacji pod opieką operatora Krzysztofa SQ8GBE oraz gościnnie kolegi Jerzego SQ8GBG.

The Carpathian Troy Open – Air Museum is located in Trzcinica, in south-eastern Poland, in Podkarpackie Voivodeship, a few kilometers north-west of Jasło, on the Valley of the Ropa River. The site where the open air museum has been built is one of the most important archeological sites in Poland with major importance for discovering the prehistory of Central-eastern Europe. One of the earliest strongly fortified settlements know in Poland, dated to the beginnings of the Bronze Age, has been discovered in Trzcinica. It was built as early as over 4000 years ago. Furthermore, it was here where the first settlement of the Otomani Füzesabony culture has been discovered in Poland. The culture was found to have been under strong Mediterranean influences and is dated to 1650-1350 BC. Taking into consideration the importance of the discovery, chronology and obvious south European influences, the site was called ‘the Carpathian Troy,. Over 2000 years after the fall of the Carpathian Troy the site was inhabited by Slavs. They erected a large settlement of 3 hectares of land, surround with monumental earthworks which nowadays, in some parts, are still as high s 10 meters. This is the site which is often called ,Royal Earthworks,. The hillfort is dated to 770-1020 AD. There have been a few tens of thousands of Slavic artefacts discovered on the site a hoard of silver items which contained a famous trimming from a sword-scabbard – a masterpiece of early medieval craft. More: http://www.karpacka-troja.info http://www.karpackatroja.pl